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45-year-old tea garden worker dies

 M Post Bureau |  2016-01-23 00:23:02.0  |  Kolkata

A 45-year-old man, who used to work at Gangarampur tea garden Thiudor Tête owned by the Duncans Group, died on Friday. He was suffering from cancer. He was admitted to a hospital, where he died on Friday morning. 

The worker’s family members alleged that they had failed to arrange money for Tête’s treatment. Condition of the tea garden was poor and they had to struggle hard to earn their livelihood. 

The family members planned to shift Tête to another hospital after his condition deteriorated. However, he expired when his family members were making arrangements to shift him along with some other tea garden workers. It may be mentioned that several tea garden workers died as their family members failed to provide them proper treatment due to financial crunch.    

M Post Bureau

M Post Bureau

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