4 missing Bengal climbers rescued from Mt Everest

4 missing Bengal climbers rescued from Mt Everest
Four mountaineers from West Bengal, who went missing while in an expedition to Mount Everest on Saturday, have been rescued and brought back to the base camp. They were given treatment there. 
The state government has taken an elaborate arrangement to bring the mountaineers back home. 

Arup Biswas, who was in- charge of youth affairs in the state, said a team from West Bengal is going to bring back the climbers. They will be flown into the city directly from the base camp by a helicopter, Biswas said. He also said that after long hours a communication could be established with the climbers. 

The news has brought a relief to the family members of the four maintainers who went missing while scaling Mount Everest. The other members of the team could not trace them and there was no communication with them. All the four climbers have been rescued by sherpas, who were in the expedition. 

A mountaineer said that most of the climbers try to scale the peaks no matter how adverse the weather is because if they return back from the expedition without successfully scaling the summit they may find it little difficult to get a sponsorship. That is why of the mountaineers do not want to come back without scaling the summit. They often risk their lives as they venture out in inclement weather. Often the mountaineers try to scale more than one peak due to unavailability of sponsorship. This often proves to be fatal for the mountaineers.

Eight members of a team started their journey from the camp on Friday but four climbers successfully climbed the peak while the other four went missing on their journey to the mountain peak. This had triggered tension among the four who successfully returned to the nearest camp and the family members of the missing mountaineers. It may be here mentioned that three other climbers had successfully climbed the Everest on Friday.

The four members of the team comprised of eight members who had initially started their journey together returned back successfully. The team was headed by Moloy Mukherjee who successfully scaled Mount Everest with others. Those who went missing are Goutam Ghosh, Sunita Hazra, Paresh Nath, Subhas Pal. They were supposed to come by conquering the highest peak by 11 am on Sunday but they did not return till Saturday niight. 

It was learnt that the oxygen that they climbers were carrying was exhausted as a result they feel ill. They also suffered frost bites on various parts of their body. 

The state government is also sending a team to bring back the body of the Rajib Bhattacharya, who reportedly died on Friday while descending to the nearest camp after scaling Dhaulagiri. It was told that the climber a resident of Howrah had suffered frost blindness on his eyes after sun rays reflected to his eyes on the ice. 



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