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3 youths avert tragedy after spotting crack on railway track

Major tragedy was averted on Monday after three local youths spotted a crack in the railway track between Bolpur and Prantik stations few minutes before Burdwan-Barharoa passenger was supposed to ply through the area.

On Monday morning, three youths — Subrata Bagdi, Prakash Das and Bishnu Tudia, residents of Purvapally village under Shantiniketan police station — found that a crack had developed in the railway track in the Up line. The youths rushed to their houses and brought a piece of red cloth.

They knew that Up 53063 passenger was supposed to pass the area. When the train was heading towards the spot after leaving Shantiniketan at around 7.45 am, the youths started waving the red cloth attracting the attention of the driver. As the train was at a high speed, the engine and one compartment crossed the damaged portion of the track but the driver applied the emergency brake and a major tragedy was averted.

After being informed, railway engineers rushed to the spot and started the repairing work. The train services in the Up line were affected for nearly one hour. They were also examining how the crack developed. They are yet to ascertain the exact reason of the crack. The train services were resumed after the repair work was completed. The passengers, who were travelling in the train, thanked the three youths to have saved their lives.

It was learnt that the youths are daily wage labourers. They said that they brought a red cloth as they knew that trains stop when the signal is red. The railway officials, who were at the spot, also congratulated the youths for saving so many lives. They also appreciated their presence of mind as they rushed to their homes after spotting the crack in the railway track.
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