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3-year-old’s thumb amputated after negligence at Ggn crèche

According to the complaint given by Shivani Sharma, mother of the three-year-old girl, the incident took place on April 28 after she had dropped her daughter at the Cherub Angel daycare center at 12.30 pm. In her complaint, Sharma further said that it was barely half-an-hour later after she reached her workplace she got a call from a teacher about an “emergency”.

“At 1.30 pm when I reached Artemis Hospital, I was told that her thumb was amputated, essentially her top half part of the thumb. I was told that another kid pushed a door close and her finger came in between the door and the frame. The resident plastic surgeon told me that nothing can be done about the broken thumb but only a surgery to close the cut. Which means for her whole life she will never have a full thumb or any nail. Instead, she will have a round cut finger,” Sharma wrote in her post on Facebook that has been shared by more than 10,000 users.

In her complaint against the husband-wife duo—Archana and Prashant Benjiwal — Sharma has further alleged that Prashant, on May 1, came to her place and apologised and said that they would bear all the expense of the treatments “as it was their mistake”.

“But since then we have neither seen nor heard back from them. When I asked Archana to come to Medanta to pay for her second surgery she started making excuses,” Sharma wrote in her post. 
The aggrieved mother also said that the husband-wife duo claimed that they could only make cheque payments and would need original hospital bills with ID proof and photograph to add to the school records that they made these payments. But on the actual day of surgery she did not even pick up Sharma’s phone, Sharma further alleged.

On the other hand, the accused duo removed their Facebook page and shut down the daycare’s website after a complaint was registered against them. 

The incident has highlighted the lack of basic safety measures. Gurgaon Deputy Commissioner T L Satyaprakash said: “There are no such rules or guidelines under the district administration that can keep a check on the day-to-day activities happening inside such daycare centers or crèches, unlike the school. Since there are no guidelines, we don’t have a team or a procedure to keep a check on whether these places are following basic rules or not.”

Shakuntala Dhull, Chairperson, Child Welfare Committee, Gurgaon, however, said that the authorities can work in the favour of the child if the parents submit a written complaint against the daycare center’s owners.

The police are investigating the case and will soon arrest the named accused who have been 
booked under Sections 287 and 338 of the IPC.

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