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27-yr-old gets life for killing friend over argument on cars

The duo, along with other friends was discussing about which car to buy. The conversation soon turned into a heated argument and the accused smashed his friend’s head with a hard object which led to his death.

According to prosecution, the deceased Ashish Kumar Sharma and Abhijeet Raj (convict) were friends. On 26 February, 2012 they both met at common friend Vijay’s house at North Campus, where they were joined by several of their friends and consumed alcohol. 

‘The discussion started when Sagar, one of their friends said that he was planning to buy a new car. This led to heated argument between Abhijeet and Ashish about the cars. Following which, Abhijeet started abusing Ashish and reportedly threatened to kill him. However, they both were pacified by other friends’, the prosecution said.

The prosecution also added that after some hours Abhijeet took Ashish with him for a walk. ‘When he came back, his clothes were stained in blood. The other friends found Ashish lying unconscious in a pool of blood at a nearby place. They rushed him to the hospital where he was declared dead’, it added.

While awarding life sentence to the accused, additional session judge Kamini Lau said that though the accused is a young boy and has no history of any previous criminal involvement, ‘but it cannot be ruled out that the deceased was also a young man.’ She also added, ‘The convict had killed the deceased only because he had disagreed to him over quality of cars. Therefore, under section 302 Indian Penal Code, the convict is sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for life.’ He was also fined Rs 1 lakh by the court.

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