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20-yr-old girl’s rape in South Delhi shows how unsafe Delhi is: Maliwal

The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) Chief Swati Maliwal on Friday said that the rape of the 20-year-old girl in South Delhi’s Moti Bagh area is just another example to highlight  how unsafe the city is for women. Maliwal mentioned that after a lot of noise post the Nirbhaya rape case, safety and welfare for women in the city has not improved but has only worsened in the four years. Maliwal highlighted that lack of working relationship between the Centre and the state is the main cause behind the feeling of insecurity of women in Delhi. “Daughters of Delhi are unsafe. There are six Nirbhayas that are created daily in the city. The situation is so bad that minors as young as 11-month-old are now raped brutally in the city. The rape of the 20-year-old girl has just added to the shame of the city.”

In highlighting how bad the situation of law and order is, Maliwal said: “The rate of conviction is abysmally low. Of the 30,000 odd FIRs registered in crimes against women from 2012-2014 only 146 have been convicted.”

Maliwal again reiterated her demand of forming a high-level committee that will make key decisions regarding the welfare and security of women in Delhi and also monitor the progress.

“There is a urgent need of formation of a high-level committee that will include the Lieutenant Governor, Chief Minister of Delhi, Delhi Police Commissioner and the DCW Chief. At present, there is no decision and work being done to ensure that women in Delhi feel secure,” stated Maliwal.

Maliwal further added: “There have been 52 suggestions recommended by the DCW towards safety and welfare of women. Some of it include formation of thana-level committees, construction of toilets, installation of CCTVs in Delhi Police stations, formation of more fast track courts. This can only be implemented if there is a formation of the high-level committee.”

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