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2 transgender women running for US Cong could make history

Democrats Misty Snow and Misty Plowright would make history if elected.Snow, 30, a Utah grocery store clerk, is running for the Senate while Plowright, 33, a Colorado army veteran and former Microsoft employee, is running for the House of Representatives.

Snow is the first transgender candidate of a major party to run for the Senate, and if elected would also be the youngest senator of the chamber.

“While I’m not running on the basis of being a trans woman, my experiences as a trans woman have given me the empathy to understand the struggles of groups that feel that the American Dream is out of reach,” she said in a statement.

“I’m running to give a voice to the voiceless.” The two candidates, who won primaries on Tuesday, will be fighting fierce election battles as their Republican opponents, both incumbents, are ahead in polls. 

Plowright is not the first transgender candidate to run for the House. 
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