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1.71 lakh driving licences seized for traffic violations in the past year

Delhi Police has seized around 1.71 lakh driving licences for jumping the red light, overspeeding and other traffic offences in one year of implementation of Supreme Court-appointed panel’s directions.

“A total of 1,71,956 motorists were caught and their driving licences were seized during the period starting December 15, 2015, and November 30, 2016,” said Garima Bhatnagar, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic). Most of the driving licences, 90,666 in number, were seized for jumping red light. Overspeeding cases comprised the second highest cause of seizing 71,625 driving licences, she said.

Offences like use of mobile while driving and drunken driving resulted in seizure of 4,600 and 3,438 driving licences, respectively, the officer said, adding that the number in these two cases was far too less than other common offences as people have started taking precautions to avoid being caught.

She added that use of goods vehicles for carrying passengers led to seizure of 1,401 driving licences. Delhi Police is the first force in the country to have implemented the directions of the apex court-appointed three- member committee on road safety chaired by Justice KS Radhakrishnan.

The directions of Supreme Court appointed committee on road safety came into operation from December 15 last year.

The committee has directed for seizure of driving licences of traffic violators and suspension for at least three months over offences like overspeeding, drunken driving, use of mobile phones while driving and carrying of passengers in goods vehicles.
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