12 cellphones seized from inmates at correctional home

Mobile phones were recovered from inmates of the Burdwan Central Correctional Home during a surprise raid in the wee hours on Friday. During the raid some of the inmates were found speaking over phones and subsequently a search was conducted in all the shells. During the raid, around 12 mobile phones 
were found.

Interestingly, in a bid to keep mobile phones with them the inmates had taken up the method that freedom fighters had used to hide revolvers in books. The inmates used to cut the middle portion of some pages of a fat book to create space for a basic mobile phone.

They used to keep one cell phone inside one book as a result no one could doubt that they had hidden a device inside a book.

It is learnt that some of the mobile phones used to rotate among some of the inmates. Each of them used to use the phone on particular days of a week. People with whom they used to speak also knew the days and used to wait for the call from the inmate.

Steps have been taken to check such activities in the correctional home and stringent steps will be taken for dereliction of duty if found on the part of any officer of the correctional home.


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