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11 months later, parents get back their stolen baby girl

A couple in Jalpaiguri’s Mainaguri were reunited with their baby girl after almost a year of separation. After suffering for 11 months, the couple, on Sunday, finally got their baby back from the district child welfare committee.

The committee said that the baby was stolen from the hospital after which the couple had lodged an FIR at Mainaguri police station. Police rescued the baby from roadside and gave her to the district child welfare committee.

“It was police’s duty to bring the baby to us. Police could not return the baby directly to the victim 
couple. We also have the responsibility to investigate about the actual parents of the baby. This process took 11 months time only after which we could return the baby girl to her parents,” said an official of the district child welfare committee.

However, district child welfare committee was earlier thinking of bringing in experts to perform a DNA test in order to identify the original parents of the baby. “It was really needed to verify the claim of the parents who were saying that the baby girl was their child. Many a times we sent them back empty-handed and refused to give them the baby girl. But later, we changed our mind. We checked the police reports and papers to ascertain that they were the original parents to the baby girl,” the officer said.

Police said, the baby was stolen from a local hospital exactly a year ago. “We recovered the baby but could not return her immediately to the parents. We had to give the baby to district child welfare committee,” a police officer in Mainaguri police station said.
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