11 injured in minibus collision

The injured persons were taken to Nilratan Sarkar Medical College and hospital where they were treated and discharged. The police arrested the drivers of the two vehicles.

According to the police, a Beliaghata bound mini-bus in a bid to overtake another vehicle, lost control and hit the other vehicle coming from the opposite direction.
Both the vehicles were damaged.Local people brought out the passengers and took them to the hospital. The police arrested the drivers and towed the buses away.

Local people alleged that despite repeated complaints the drivers of buses including public, private and mini-buses have a tendency to overtake each other on Beliaghata Main Road which is highly congested.

The drivers even refuse to heed the traffic sergeants and carry on with their speed mania. They further alleged that speeding motor cycles had become a menace in the area. 

The motorcyclists ride at very high speeds, even in the lanes and by lanes and hitting pedestrians have become a regular affair. 

They said that as the pedestrians  could not walk on the pavement they were forced to walk on the street and this has increased the risk of hit and run.



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