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11 injured in group clash at Malda

Eleven persons were injured, in a clash between two groups at Murshidabad’s Kandi on Thursday. Police said the two factions clashed over an incident where a woman was allegedly molested.

They hurled crude bombs at each other and passers-by, including six women were injured.

Of the 11 injured, four were referred to a local hospital. Police later arrested four persons from the area and the situation was brought under control.

While some local people claimed that two rival sides were fighting, but police said the identity of the two groups was not confirmed.

Police also said whoever was involved in the clash will be arrested.

Police learnt that the reason the two groups of youth started fighting was due to a woman allegedly 
getting molested.

The woman was drawing water from a tubewell when she was molested by a local youth. Jainul Abedin, 
the accused managed to escaped the spot.

But later, the friend of the woman, Shekh Khairul came to the spot with his group. He was looking for the accused Jainul. Then, some youth, who were friends of Jainul started hurling bombs at Khairul and his friend.

Some of the youth in Khairul’s group were injured. They also retaliated. They started firing from their pistol at Jainul’s friends.

The police, who came late at the spot, managed the situation by hurling tear gas cells. “We controlled the situation late at night. Two group of youth fought after a woman was allegedly molested,” said a police officer.

The two groups of youth earlier had fought each other. On Thursday, the incident led to heavy injury of a pedestrian. Police said, Nakul Mondal, a local resident was passing by the road when a splinter of a bomb hit him on his back. The man was injured as blood oozed out from his back. He was taken to hospital where he underwent surgery.
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