Fading momentum?

10 May 2022 1:27 PM GMT
Indian and South African interests have diverged; India is not in desperate need of vaccines anymore and doesn’t want to rock the boat

A daring demand

6 May 2022 2:57 PM GMT
Health advocates are asking Washington to use laws that allow patent override on drugs developed with public funds

Perfidious 'compromise'

18 April 2022 2:54 PM GMT
Tough new conditions emerge in the compromise deal to ease WTO intellectual property barriers related to production of COVID-19 medical tools

A crisis measure?

14 April 2022 1:00 PM GMT
By using IP rights as a tool of war, Russia is taking a leaf out of the US' book to seize copyright and patents owned by 'unfriendly' countries

Falling by the wayside

15 Feb 2022 3:16 PM GMT
New Delhi has not backed its WTO proposal to suspend intellectual property rights on COVID-19 pharma products with robust action

Cuba's exemplary 'revolution'

1 Feb 2022 3:26 PM GMT
Punching way above its weight, the tiny nation has developed five vaccines, and offers hope of vaccine equity across the world

A bizarre demand?

23 Nov 2021 2:39 PM GMT
The application for securing GI tag for Banarasi paan appears to be misplaced, and could potentially lead to controversies

Big Pharma has the answers?

28 Sep 2021 11:47 AM GMT
IFPMA, the biopharma trade body, has made its claim clear: COVID-19 vaccine management should be left to a handful of companies, and all blame lies...

Grotesque profits

7 Sep 2021 2:23 PM GMT
A greed-driven vaccine market, backed by rich countries’ frivolous rush for booster doses, has deprived poor countries of their share of jabs

India's patent law

18 March 2019 4:46 PM GMT
Opposition to the new patent claims on the Johnson & Johnson drug is a test of how well the rules against evergreening are working

The zero budget farming discord

20 Nov 2018 4:32 PM GMT
There is unease over the crusader of natural farming, Subhash Palekar, for renaming the technique after himself

Patient before corporate profits

21 Oct 2018 3:16 PM GMT
As prices of the life-saving drugs skyrocket, people from diverse fields are getting together to fight Big Pharma
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