Turning back the pages

11 April 2023 1:17 PM GMT
The 2013 landmark Supreme Court judgement of 'Novartis v Union of India' offers critical lessons on the intent behind crucial aspects of India’s key...

Spurious endeavour

6 April 2023 1:09 PM GMT
The move to foist a GI tag on Mandu’s baobab tree is part of a drive to push up the GI tally which does not benefit local communities

Trade lessons from 'Cuetlaxochitl'

24 Dec 2022 3:19 PM GMT
The story of poinsettia, a flower with showy-red bracts used for Christmas decorations in America since the 16th century, is a classic example of...

Where do we stand?

13 Oct 2022 10:33 AM GMT
Policy blocks and poor vision have held up 5G in India, while China’s breakthroughs are helping to set global standards

A lethal lapse

29 Sep 2022 3:58 PM GMT
Cancer and tuberculosis patients have been urging a reluctant government to use compulsory licences to make life-saving drugs accessible

Battle for prestige

15 Sep 2022 2:15 PM GMT
Moderna is trying to be gatekeeper for the mRNA platform for future drug development — raising monopolistic fears

Repeat of a failure?

25 Aug 2022 6:00 PM GMT
A pattern familiar to Covid-19 is emerging in the battle against monkeypox, with the US and Europe grabbing scarce vaccine supplies

Done with vaccines?

28 July 2022 3:13 PM GMT
India claims vaccines are no longer an issue in the battle against COVID-19, but a host of developing nations would disagree

A tool of war?

27 July 2022 1:54 PM GMT
Post the Ukraine war, Russia has held back from appropriating intellectual property despite having a law to punish unfriendly countries

Charity after profiteering!

18 Jun 2022 7:17 PM GMT
After facing a worldwide censure for earning disproportionately during the pandemic, pharma giant Pfizer has decided to supply its patented,...

Fading momentum?

10 May 2022 1:27 PM GMT
Indian and South African interests have diverged; India is not in desperate need of vaccines anymore and doesn’t want to rock the boat

A daring demand

6 May 2022 2:57 PM GMT
Health advocates are asking Washington to use laws that allow patent override on drugs developed with public funds
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