Question of quality

16 July 2024 6:06 PM GMT
India’s top drug firms oppose the move to allow government drug stores to sell generic substitutes, but what is the real reason?

Consequential deadlock

27 Jun 2024 2:54 PM GMT
Deep political rifts at WHO have left a critical pandemic treaty hanging in limbo as rich nations baulk at equitable vaccine sharing

Unhealthy amendments

30 April 2024 2:28 PM GMT
Despite strong pleas, the ruling dispensation has changed the rules to impose a cost on those who challenge faulty patents

Exemplary prowess?

1 March 2024 3:50 PM GMT
Making universities the hub of innovation and churning out scientists adept in frontier technology has put China at the top in terms of technological...

Potency of jugaad

20 Feb 2024 4:17 AM GMT
Frugal innovation is the new concept that companies are adopting to take technology to developing countries

Copyrighted legacy?

13 Feb 2024 4:20 PM GMT
Mahatma Gandhi’s works have been available freely thanks to his copyright philosophy, but not those of Martin Luther King Jr

A squalid history

16 Jan 2024 1:50 PM GMT
Bringing medicines into the global intellectual property regime was a triumph of corporate skulduggery led by Pfizer

A lost cause?

9 Jan 2024 1:42 PM GMT
Dilution of biological conservation rules and lax enforcement of forest laws are giving free rein to the drug industry and trade

‘Lethal’ changes

31 Oct 2023 12:50 PM GMT
The proposed amendments to India’s patent laws are a capitulation to Big Pharma and will undermine vital public health safeguards in the law

Pair of perils

24 Oct 2023 12:02 PM GMT
While a few generic giants, including one from Israel, are found guilty of fuelling fatal opioid crisis in the US, the US-backed “genocide” targeting...

Turning back the pages

11 April 2023 1:17 PM GMT
The 2013 landmark Supreme Court judgement of 'Novartis v Union of India' offers critical lessons on the intent behind crucial aspects of India’s key...

Spurious endeavour

6 April 2023 1:09 PM GMT
The move to foist a GI tag on Mandu’s baobab tree is part of a drive to push up the GI tally which does not benefit local communities
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