A promise at the precipice

29 Nov 2023 3:29 AM GMT
GTCI 2023 exposes skill shortfalls, education woes and the urgent need for India to invest in talent for a sustainable future

Priority pitfalls

25 Nov 2023 3:37 PM GMT
Instead of straightaway entering into FTAs with developed nations, India should strengthen its innovation system, frame its own rules and regulations...

The ‘green’ paradox

21 Nov 2023 12:31 PM GMT
Apparently, the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism aims to create a global market for green technology wherein the debates on ‘climate justice’ would...

Glaring dichotomy

14 Nov 2023 12:25 PM GMT
India’s growth march is starkly contrasted by rising unemployment — resulting from dismal private consumption, slump in manufacturing, dismantling of...

Smoke and mirrors?

11 Nov 2023 4:35 PM GMT
As Delhi-NCR again finds itself choked in the midst of life-threatening smog, perhaps at a more alarming scale, policymakers and environmentalists...

Compassionate remedies

7 Nov 2023 1:05 PM GMT
Owing to a range of factors, the refugee population is swelling across the globe — necessitating consensus over a humane and productive approach to...

The ‘lifeline’ conundrum

4 Nov 2023 2:49 PM GMT
Owing to its constrained geography and the bleak prospects of alternative trade routes, resulting from certain international and domestic turbulent...

Behind the bloodshed

21 Oct 2023 3:08 PM GMT
The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas might be a manifestation of cultural conflict between the Jews and the Arabs — although there is little...

Dismantling the hegemony

7 Oct 2023 2:51 PM GMT
The caste-based survey findings released by the Bihar government present a watershed moment in the course of ensuring affirmative action for the...

Mirage of empowerment?

30 Sep 2023 4:09 PM GMT
Against the backdrop of dismal participation of women in legislatures across the political spectrum, the passage of Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam...

Escaping the vortex

23 Sep 2023 4:36 PM GMT
India needs to strategically modify its farm subsidies to break the corporate farming-triggered vicious cycle of declining output in order to...

Paradoxical prosperity

16 Sep 2023 2:32 PM GMT
Although India’s GST revenue has been witnessing YoY increases, the ‘regressive’ indirect tax system has disproportionately shifted the burden onto...
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