Learning through transitions

21 Sep 2023 4:35 PM GMT
The College on Wheels initiative of the J&K government presents an opportunity for girls to gain experiential learning and assimilate with cultures...

Scholarly pursuit

11 Sep 2023 11:54 AM GMT
The women-led higher education system in Kashmir, emboldened by comprehensive autonomy provided to university authorities, can facilitate societal...

Absent autonomy

23 May 2023 12:42 PM GMT
Politicians should take cognisance of the longstanding rot in bureaucrats-run school education system and put forth the demand for a statutory School...

Glaring inaction

15 May 2023 1:00 PM GMT
There is a need to act towards granting statutory status and autonomy to the school education system to make it free from political interference

More efficacious framework

4 Jun 2021 11:17 AM GMT
The confusion around Board exams laid bare the inefficacy of the current regulatory mechanism for school education — calling for a more professional...

A new direction

25 Dec 2020 4:59 PM GMT
Budget 2021 must take heed of the need for establishing a school education commission — a necessary milestone in achieving ‘Bharat-centric’ education...

Hopeless Indian teacher

18 April 2017 3:46 PM GMT
The British systematically destroyed the ancient Indian system of education because it was self-sustained and quality intensive. The local community...

Who failed children’s Right to Education?

26 Oct 2016 9:41 PM GMT
The Right to Education Act 2009 has not served its purpose. It has failed to strengthen a historically underfunded and unequal public education...

Who cares for the lost children?

23 Sep 2016 10:45 PM GMT
Our education sector has not performed as per expectations. Its poor performance has been often attributed to insufficient allocation of government...
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