Revisiting ‘autonomy’

27 Feb 2023 12:48 PM GMT
The negative trend of converting the government’s forestry institutions into autonomous ones has unleashed great damage to them; there is a need for a...

Potent money spinner

31 Jan 2023 11:36 AM GMT
Policy intervention and inter-institutional collaborative research are required to capitalise on economically potent Red Sanders wood that is...

Canary in a coalmine?

23 Jan 2023 1:02 PM GMT
Joshimath crisis has exposed the need for a climate-resilient development administration

Ending the fracas

7 Dec 2022 1:38 PM GMT
The government and the Supreme Court need to reconcile on the matter of introducing reforms in the process of appointing judges

Promising prospects

28 Nov 2022 4:45 PM GMT
Tripura's rubber industry presents an exemplary example of balancing economic and ecological development

Boiling Uttarakhand!

30 Sep 2022 9:06 PM GMT
Unrest in Uttarakhand may be triggered by Ankita Bhandari’s murder but it is culmination of longstanding outrage against rampant corruption in the...

Just a beginning

20 Sep 2022 1:10 PM GMT
Reintroduction of cheetahs in India is indeed a matter of joy but policymakers should brace for multiple challenges that lie ahead

Unlocking vast potential

14 Sep 2022 1:38 PM GMT
Through policy support and adequate funding, governments can capitalise on the massive capacity of India’s dairy sector in augmenting farmers’ income

Beacon of hope

6 Sep 2022 7:26 PM GMT
In a healthcare system plagued with inconsistencies; affordable, efficient and replicable Jolly Grant model stands out as an exception

Lopsided governance?

22 Aug 2022 1:40 PM GMT
People-friendly policies should be devised after scrapping housing authorities in NOIDA

Striking the right balance

18 Aug 2022 4:58 PM GMT
Policymakers need to come up with innovative pollution control measures that won’t meddle with India’s already dwindling mineral resources

An imperative overhaul

1 Aug 2022 2:19 PM GMT
Recent spate of corruption charges at the governance level indicates institutional failure; no less than reforms in politics and administration can...
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