Towards a political tsunami?

15 Sep 2018 3:37 PM GMT
As 2019 nears, the sword of simultaneous polls dangles dangerously near our necks. Its benefits in reducing costs are apparent – but are simultaneous...

Cattle crises and clean meat

5 Sep 2018 4:37 PM GMT
Internationally, clean meat is predicted to hit the market by the end of 2018. In India, we expect it to be available by 2025

A way out of Kerala conundrum

24 Aug 2018 5:27 PM GMT
India can invest foreign assistance directly in creating long-term assets in the flood-ravaged state rather than specially refusing aid from UAE

The nation will never forget him

16 Aug 2018 4:31 PM GMT
Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s life and works stand out as lessons for the nation.

Menace of Trolling

11 Aug 2018 4:13 PM GMT
Trolling thrives only in the comfort of anonymity – with timely technological intervention and legal remedies, these sociopathic tendencies would...

Disquiet on the armed forces front

7 Aug 2018 3:43 PM GMT
Despite various discussions, formal announcement and implementation of OROP has been delayed.

Empowering domestic workers

1 Aug 2018 4:20 PM GMT
Attention must be drawn to the lakhs of domestic helps in India who do not receive any legal protection.

The leadership impasse

26 July 2018 2:39 PM GMT
Taking cues from the 1977 General Election, the opposition must formulate a robust common minimum programme to successfully oust the BJP from power.


21 July 2018 2:18 PM GMT
Post-truth represents a situation when facts take a backseat and, emotional appeals and personal beliefs begin shaping public opinion. Post-truth...

Battle of bank employees & pensioners

19 July 2018 3:41 PM GMT
Bankers are instrumental in fulfilling government aspirations through implementation of schemes

The Outlier: Making the Most of Training

14 July 2018 2:19 PM GMT
With experience from a workshop, the author shares insight on training the body and mind to navigate through challenges and adversities.

Autonomy in, UGC out

13 July 2018 3:54 PM GMT
Higher education demands government intervention with financial support, not for curbing dissent.
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