India's mandate

23 May 2019 5:31 PM GMT
A caste- and region-divided Opposition can never challenge BJP

Alternate governance

16 May 2019 4:31 PM GMT
What could be the agenda of an Opposition-led government for the country?

Comparing Promises

9 April 2019 3:24 PM GMT
With manifestos released, the promises are out there for voters to decide

Contrasting poll narratives

2 April 2019 4:28 PM GMT
An assessment of the possible positive outcomes with the elections just around the corner

Defective statehood & vexed PRC

25 March 2019 2:33 PM GMT
With the two predominant issues, simultaneous polls in Arunachal Pradesh might brew some surprises in the state’s polity

Indo-Pak: What Next?

4 March 2019 3:36 PM GMT
The predominant need for a dialogue between the nuclear-armed neighbours is paramount

Psychological pressures on Pakistan

27 Feb 2019 4:50 PM GMT
As India takes to retaliation, will Pakistan-backed terror outfits be deterred from perpetuating border tensions?

Pulwama: The unanswered questions

19 Feb 2019 3:37 PM GMT
It is a disturbed Kashmir that serves a range of purposes than one at peace — perpetuating conflict and instability

For whom the bell tolls?

14 Feb 2019 3:20 PM GMT
The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill has neither been introduced in Rajya Sabha nor will it survive the constitutional test if put in Supreme Court

Public perceptions over Rafale

10 Feb 2019 5:33 PM GMT
Havoc caused by irregularities in the contentious Rafale deal is bound to stir public perception, especially in the wake of upcoming elections

Meghalaya Mining Crisis

16 Jan 2019 2:35 PM GMT
India must learn from the Jaintia Hills catastrophe and better regulate the mining industry – overhauling norms and attenuating political influence

10 questions for 10% quota

9 Jan 2019 2:58 PM GMT
The reservation for economically-weaker sections has elicited both joy and cynicism – now, it must survive the critical test of timely implementation
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