Japan, TEPCO accused of ignoring nuke risks

24 July 2012 1:05 AM GMT
Japanese officials and Tokyo Electric Power ignored the risk of an atomic accident because they believed in the ‘myth of nuclear safety’, a...

Haryana minister condemns opposition to nuclear power plant

17 July 2012 10:27 AM GMT
Haryana Power Minister Capt Ajay Singh Yadav has taken strong exception to the disinformation campaign launched by the opposition parties to oppose...

Japan nuke reactor reaches criticality

3 July 2012 2:21 AM GMT
A reactor at the Oi nuclear power plant in western Japan reached criticality on Monday after it became the first one to be rebooted last night in the...

Japan to restart nuclear reactor

2 July 2012 7:30 AM GMT
Dozens of protesters raised slogans and danced at the gate of a nuclear power plant set to restart on Sunday, the first one to go back online since...

Iran to get new nuke plant by 2014

28 May 2012 8:14 AM GMT
Iran is to build a new nuclear power plant, alongside its sole existing one in the southern city of Bushehr, by early 2014, state television reported...
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