Haryana minister condemns opposition to nuclear power plant

Haryana Power Minister Capt Ajay Singh Yadav has taken strong exception to the disinformation campaign launched by the opposition parties to oppose the setting up of nuclear power plant in Haryana stating that those who are opposing this project, had, when they were in power, themselves urged the central government to expedite the setting up of nuclear power plant as it would immensely benefit Haryana.

In a statement, Haryana Power Minister, Ajay Singh Yadav quoted the written communications sent by the then Chief Ministers Bhajan Lal and Devi Lal to the then Prime Ministers, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and P V Narsimha Rao to set up the nuclear power plant in Haryana. Capt. Yadav said that in one such letter, dated 20 July 1984, written by former Chief Minister Ch. Bhajan Lal to the then Prime Minister,  Indira Gandhi, he had written, 'We are happy to note that the Government of India has decided to set up an atomic power plant in the Northern region during the seventh plan. The site selection committee is already scrutinizing various probable sites in our State. We had offered four such sites which were inspected by the site selection committee and the site near village Kumharia in Hisar district has found favour and meets with all the basic requirements for the location of such a plant.'

Bhajan Lal had also mentioned the additional advantages of plant, stating that the site is near the border of Rajasthan and Punjab States and as such can easily meet with the requirement of these States as well. The required transmission system already exists in the area for which no additional expenditure will have to be incurred. The site is at a safe distance from international borders assuring security to the plant. He had pointed out that there is vast natural hydroelectric potential in the neighbouring States of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, Haryana has no such natural potential.

Thus the atomic power plant should be set up in Haryana, added Bhajan Lal. Again on 25 October 1985, Bhajan Lal sent yet another letter to the then Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi urging to locate an atomic power plant in Haryana to tide over the huge deficit in installed capacity during the next 15 years and in view of the fact that Haryana does not have any hydro potential.
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