Journalism student killed in Pakistan for 'blasphemy'

13 April 2017 1:19 PM GMT
At least 15 people were arrested in connection with the incident, which occurred in the university premises. The campus has been shut down until further notice.

An insider account

5 July 2012 3:59 AM GMT
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The fall and fall of Indian media

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Human rights body to investigate scribe attack

15 May 2012 6:46 AM GMT
The National Human Rights Commission, or CNDH, is investigating last week's attack on journalist Gerardo Ponce de Leon in Hermosillo, the capital of...

In Stead was found the new journalist

15 May 2012 4:42 AM GMT
In these days of sting operations, tabloid phone-tapping and reality TV, this article is devoted to the man who ushered in what was known as ‘New...
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