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Journalism, especially broadcast journalism, is now the profession of choice for many. So a new book was launched on 2 July to give aspirants an inside account into what actually the profession entails. Written by Richa Jain Kalra, The ABC of News Anchoring, provides young aspirants with an accurate account of the nature of the profession.

Kalra has been a news anchor with a leading English channel for seven years. She completed her Bachelors’ in Journalism from University of Delhi and Masters’ from University of Kurukshetra.

A university topper and gold medallist, she has also been actively involved in educating budding journalists. The book is based on her experiences. The book deals with a variety of topics which are usually left out of the curriculum. She has busted common myths surrounding the profession.

‘When I started my career, the task of anchoring and reading were done by different professionals but that age is long gone. Today, news anchors have to multitask. They play a much bigger role in deciding the editorial content and outlook,’ says Kalra.

‘The job is not as glamorous as it is made out to be. I have met a lot of students pursuing a degree in mass communication who want to be an anchor one day, but the task is not an easy one. The work hours are erratic. One has to be a good reporter, writer and journalist to become a good news anchor. Newcomers will not be given a chance to become a news anchor right away,’ she adds.

‘Young aspirants should be prepared to work hard and be aware of ground realities. Moreover, one has to handle work in a responsible manner. Youngsters now are exposed to a lot of visual media but they are not prepared to handle the job of a news anchor. One has to perform well everyday. It is not what youngsters are prepared for. Usually aspirants sit for one entrance exam or university exam, so they are not used to giving their hundred per cent everyday. This attitude is carried into the work space,’ says Kalra.

‘The book will help aspirants understand the role of a news anchor and will prepare them for the same. Topics like how to deal with crisis and how to deliver breaking news have been discussed. This is the second book available in the market which discusses the role of a news anchor in depth,’ adds Kalra.

At the event, K Srinivas, AVP & Publisher, Higher Education and Professional, Pearson Education was also present. ‘This book is an earnest attempt by Pearson to help budding journalists learn the ropes of news anchoring. TV journalism has undergone a notable facelift since the days of Doordarshan and this book aptly captures the shifting shades,’ he says.

‘Kalra brings the everyday experience from the industry. We feel that this book will add a wealth of knowledge to aspiring broadcast journalists and help them pursue it as a mainstream career option,’ adds Srinivas.
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