‘Times are changing for middle class, but problems aren’t’

21 Sep 2023 6:03 PM GMT
Director Kaushik Ganguly revisits Mrinal Sen’s classic ‘Kharij’ after 41 years in his new film ‘Palan’ with the aim of capturing the essence of the legend’s life philosophy

Respect is paramount in any relationship: Jaya Ahsan

2 Jun 2023 3:55 PM GMT
The Bangladeshi actor completes a decade in Tollywood and calls the journey ‘extremely satisfying’

Write my screenplay after finalising the cast: Kaushik Ganguly

31 May 2023 3:47 PM GMT
Director Kaushik Ganguly pens his screenplay after he finalises the cast. The same happened in the case of his upcoming Bengali film, ‘Ardhangini’,...
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