Nurturing the dreams

3 Nov 2023 3:20 PM GMT
By spearheading groundbreaking initiatives and displaying steadfast commitment, the Centre and the Uttar Pradesh government have prioritised the...

Wings to aspiration

25 Oct 2023 6:01 AM GMT
Through pathbreaking initiatives and unwavering commitment, the Central and the state government have accorded due priority to safety, development,...

Messiah of the marginalised

18 Nov 2022 5:43 PM GMT
Despite facing legal hurdles, UP CM has managed to lift the distressed Vantangias out of penury and ensured their access to long-denied basic rights

An untiring endeavour

21 Oct 2022 6:31 PM GMT
UP CM has been defying superstitions and inertia to tour across the length and breadth of the state — ensuring development for all regions

Scripting a growth story

26 Sep 2022 6:55 PM GMT
The Global Investors Summit will boost the already thriving foreign investment in UP — taking the state closer to its target of becoming a USD...

Ensuring the elixir

31 Aug 2022 7:33 PM GMT
Uttar Pradesh government is on a mission mode to rid the Bundelkhand region of water scarcity through robust policies and even international...

Facing a crucible

13 Feb 2022 2:21 PM GMT
Ongoing assembly elections are a litmus test for Adityanath as he's broken multiple myths that are known to cost his predecessors the top chair

Challenging myths and superstition!

12 Feb 2022 8:43 AM GMT
The ongoing assembly elections will be a litmus test for Yogi Adityanath as he has broken multiple myths that are known to cost his predecessors the...


11 Feb 2021 5:22 PM GMT
The present administration in UP has come down heavily on criminals in the state
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