The profit paradox

12 Oct 2023 12:44 PM GMT
The volatility in food commodities prices in last few years have coincided with global food traders reporting record profits, necessitating the need...

An emerging menace

21 Nov 2022 2:54 PM GMT
Climate change-induced disasters are creating a new dynamic of migration that will not be limited to a country's borders

Veil of ignorance

23 Aug 2022 2:44 PM GMT
India’s data deficiency, be it around poverty or unemployment, is a major impediment to fulfilment of tall promises of her growth and prosperity

An immediate necessity

8 July 2022 4:30 PM GMT
The world’s hunger clock has regressed back to 2015 when the global community had resolved to get good food to all plates by 2030

Irony of fortunes

31 May 2022 1:42 PM GMT
Worsening plight of the poor is no more an isolated phenomenon — it’s the cost the world is paying for the growing riches of a selected few

Bottomless pyramid

24 May 2022 1:00 PM GMT
An Indian earning a monthly wage of Rs 25,000 is among the top 10 per cent of earners in the country; what about those at the bottom?

An insignificant blip

18 May 2022 2:17 PM GMT
Extreme poverty reduction estimates in Africa — based on 2017 prices — will soon reverse on account of higher food inflation during the pandemic

Food inflation: a new pandemic

20 April 2022 2:45 PM GMT
Food prices are increasing at an unprecedented rate worldwide, triggered by 2 years of COVID-19 pandemic-induced disruption and now the Russia-Ukraine...

No end to imagination

8 April 2022 2:00 PM GMT
The IMF executive director has just declared that India was nearly free of extreme poverty in 2020 and inequality was the lowest in 40 years

Beneficiaries or right-holders?

9 March 2022 1:40 PM GMT
Basic facilities like housing, drinking water etc. are unalienable rights of individuals; should these be treated as benefits ‘provided’ by a...

Pursuit of a grand vision

31 Jan 2022 1:14 PM GMT
We still have an incredibly great distance to cover for realising the vision of ‘new India’ by the 75th Independence Day

A generation interrupted

4 Jan 2022 2:59 PM GMT
Children born under the grim shadow of the pandemic might present the next development challenge for the world
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