Microbes will triumph over antibiotics

25 Sep 2017 3:54 PM GMT
We can only choose the battles that will make a difference.

Sharing love's labour

12 Jan 2017 9:44 PM GMT
For the last half a century or so, Malthusian fears have goaded governments, democratic and authoritarian alike, to forge an impressive array of...

Bet your brain: What does it mean to “get smarter”?

3 Dec 2016 9:32 PM GMT
In the last few years, we have seen a few IT barons betting their millions on ideas considered quixotic by mainstream scientists. First, there was the...

Uncanny truth about germs

29 Oct 2016 9:25 PM GMT
You think it’s all right to eat food off the floor? Or are you one of those whose modern fear of all vermin renders the idea sickening? For a long...

No consensus on consciousness

8 Oct 2016 9:56 PM GMT
If you are depressed, you could either take a pill that tweaks the gray matter to induce a sense of euphoria, or you could opt for the “talking cure”...

Presumed ideals

26 Sep 2016 8:00 PM GMT
On July 29, Neil deGrasse Tyson, a popular astrophysicist, sent out this controversial tweet: “Earth needs a virtual country: rationalia, with a...

Summing up the Golden Ratio

19 Sep 2016 9:53 PM GMT
For many mathematicians, what they do is nothing short of creating beauty out of numbers, shapes, and forms. In the much-quoted words of G H Hardy,...

The double-edged sword of technology

23 Aug 2016 9:19 PM GMT
When politics disappoints, technology walks in. So when some scientists warned that the proposed emission cuts under the Paris climate deal would fall...

Making sex count

1 Aug 2016 8:39 PM GMT
The blurring of sex is one of the enduring dogmas of modern medicine. And this reduction is biased in favour of men, the default sex—what is medically...

Undetected infiltration

28 Jun 2016 10:07 PM GMT
So now even bread, the proverbial stuff of life, can imperil health. The recent revelation by the Centre for Science and Environment that most branded...

The great science robbery

18 Jun 2016 9:57 PM GMT
Once upon a time, pirates skulked on the high seas to ambush riches-laden ships. Their modern-day mutants prowl a different kind of sea, the sea of...

Unmasking the monsoon

11 Jun 2016 10:08 PM GMT
But who wants to be foretold the weather? It is bad enough when it comes, without our having the misery of knowing about it beforehand.” This charming...
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