Talking Shop: The Blue Zones

1 Oct 2023 12:16 PM GMT
Along the Adriatic Sea and in Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture, among some others, there are people who are astounding the whole world with their very...

Talking Shop: We need George Foremans

24 Sep 2023 1:01 PM GMT
The name is but a synonym for someone who can be tough, aggressive and yet compassionate. That’s someone who fights the odds and gets life back on...

Talking Shop: Lest I buy a tractor

17 Sep 2023 11:28 AM GMT
If I do indulge in a tractor, I will have to pay interest of up to 23.26 per cent annually. But if I buy a luxury car, I pay 8-9 per cent. What is...

Talking Shop: Chaos on our roads

10 Sep 2023 1:18 PM GMT
We are fast losing our mental steam and stream. I witnessed this just the other night when traffic whizzed past me at shiny-red signals. Something has...

Talking Shop: Hung humans of sorts

3 Sep 2023 5:35 PM GMT
We are all strung together by an invisible, yet inextricable thread. Today, that same thread is fast turning into a garrotte that is strangulating us....

Talking Shop: When you return stuff

27 Aug 2023 6:00 PM GMT
What happens when you buy things online, only to return them quickly? You’ll be quite surprised—you are creating a ‘reverse logistics’ industry worth...

Talking Shop: Debilitating morality

20 Aug 2023 6:48 PM GMT
It is tough to be gracious today, as global times are tough and the calls we have to make to survive tougher. Yet, we have to somehow learn to remain...

Talking Shop: Listless media monarchs

13 Aug 2023 5:33 PM GMT
They are inclined while reclined and everything that stands misaligned with their scheme of things they rudely decline. Welcome to our new media...

Talking Shop: Prognosis. Antipathy. Callousness.

6 Aug 2023 2:23 PM GMT
Something is terribly wrong. Some of the very people who protected us during the pandemic are acting like fiends now. They’re greedy and are milking...

Talking Shop: India’s last village

30 July 2023 6:39 PM GMT
Nestled in the Himalayas next to the country’s border with Tibet, Chhitkul is at India’s very skirt-edge. It is pristine, beautiful and still in...

Talking Shop: Dealing with pain

24 July 2023 6:29 AM GMT
History shows us the heterogeneous ways in which humankind reacts to pain. While some get resigned and depressed, others can turn downright dangerous

Talking Shop: Mixed bag of tricks

16 July 2023 7:59 PM GMT
The week gone by has churned up all kinds of twists and turns, nationally and internationally. In the process, we have learnt to cope with chaos and...
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