Reclaiming Asia

1 May 2018 3:16 PM GMT
The high-profile India-China and North-South Korea meets reflect how the axis of power is shifting from the Anglo-Saxon world to Asian shores

Caprice and Ahistoricity

23 Nov 2017 3:57 PM GMT
A ‘Spring Thunder’ that turned Teesta Red.

Xi could remain the helmsman

23 Oct 2017 4:17 PM GMT
He and his successors cannot but uphold the banner of sinicisation of Marxist socialism.


21 Jun 2017 2:47 PM GMT
What should Prime Minister Modi hope to achieve during his upcoming visit to the US?

Dealing with an emerging world order

30 May 2017 2:59 PM GMT
Vladimir Putin is not a man one can trifle with. He was an apparat of the old KGB that was born out of the NKVD, which in turn was Cheka during the...

The week ahead

15 May 2017 4:17 PM GMT
Donald Trump must have allowed Xi Jinping win the golf games they played.

Deliberations on 'strategic restraint'

28 April 2017 4:04 PM GMT
With Modi at the helm, inclination on ‘no first use’ is changing.

Analysing the Modi-RSS dynamic

12 April 2017 4:32 PM GMT
Both entities continue to share an uneasy relationship.

Seeking middle ground

8 March 2017 4:41 PM GMT
Dai Bingguo belonged to a nation, the foreign ministry of which he served, and preferred symbolism more than bald direct interlocution. Barring Zhou...

Chattels no more

8 Feb 2017 4:14 PM GMT
There was a time when Indira Gandhi used to regularly seek a fatwa from Shahi Imam, Syed Abdullah Shah Bukhari of Delhi's Jama Masjid, just before the...

Responsible nations

19 Jan 2017 6:40 PM GMT
Slavoj Zizek, the new Left guru had given an interview in which he had almost desperately sought a Donald Trump Presidency. Reason: Hillary Clinton...

Communal politics and personal liberty

5 Jan 2017 9:21 PM GMT
The practice had more or less stopped with Rajiv Gandhi as Prime Minister. The practice of political leaders at the apex of the Indian State visiting...
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