Goa parties manifestos get mixed feedback

Following the release of BJP's manifesto in Goa, several political parties seem to stay humdrum according to various reactions received from people of different communities including social activists and prominent thinkers of the state.

On January 29, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, released BJP's manifesto which was loaded heavily with various promises including making the state unemployment-free, notification of long-pending regional plan, construction of new bridges and many more. Ironically, key points present in 2012's manifesto like re-locating the casinos, Rs 35,000 crore mining scam and Medium of Instruction issue were absent from the present manifesto. Social thinker and educationist, Padmashri Suresh Amonkar, said, "Three months back, all were excited to welcome BJP back to power in Goa. However, the RSS group led by Subhash Velingkar seeking the termination of MGP-BJP alliance has blurred the political ambiance completely."

Speaking about Goa's financial status, he said that the state majorly earns its revenue from the tourism industry and also from mining industry where the latter has suffered a huge setback following the Rs 35,000 crore mining scam. "Secondly, the BJP-led government in Goa is taking baby steps to develop the industrialization policy by citing various environment reasons. Thirdly, too many candidates will lead to splitting of votes," he said. "AAP's presence in Goa will only split the non-BJP party's votes owing to caste discrimination," he added.

On the lines of development of the state, he said that Goa, a progressive state has recently been a home to various negativities. "Thus, the winning party should ensure that they stabilize the political scenario to maintain the harmony and forwardness of the state," Amonkar said.

This feeling was mutually shared by Karmaveer award winner Armando Gonsalves. "We have to safeguard our Goemkarponn, culture, brotherhood and everything beautiful that Goa stands for. Our ethos is at risk," he said.

Asif Hussain, social activist, said "Manifestos have become tools of deception. The previous election manifestos should act like eye-openers. Besides, there is resentment at the increasing number of casinos and its impact on the youth. The government's involvement in promoting wine in the name of tourism is morally wrong."

He also said that Goa has managed to achieve a meager 15% of the target figure set in the year 2014-2015 for Employment Generation under Prime Minister's Employment Generation Program (PMEGP). "This year, only witnessed around 406 job openings," he added.

Going down the lanes of nostalgia, Hussain recalled that a walk down the beaches of south Goa nowadays just highlights the pathetic conditions of the beaches overflowing with garbage. "The basic infrastructure for tourism is missing and the bootleggers are being given the leisure for exploitation of the state," he said. Pressing on the negativities dwelling in the state, he said recent years have given birth to the polarization of the communities. "MoI (Medium of Instruction) issue is solely responsible for splitting the Goan society. There lives a gigantic mismatch between Central Government policies and the policies pursued in different states," he said.
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