India including Goa is under remote control rule from Delhi: Rahul

"India is today under the rule of one person and works on remote control from Delhi, while the country has suffered massive loss through demonetization by the Modi Government. However, if you give us (Congress (I) a chance, I give you my guarantee that you – the people of Goa – will get what you want," said Rahul Gandhi, Vice-President, All India Congress Committee (AICC) said while addressing a massive, full-packed crowd at Mapuca in Goa on Monday.

"Everybody knows Modi tells lies and he said corruption will be eradicated and beaches cleaned up. But a single organization and mindset (BJP) cannot run Goa, which requires a collective voice of youth and elderly. Modi does not listen to anybody and when he talks about Mann ki Baat, he refuses to listen to others' "Mann Ki Baat."

Gandhi said Goa's warmth, fun, song and celebrating life with patience, love while giving others a listening ear embodied the Goan spirit, that drew the world here to enjoy and go away happy. "But why is the BJP so angry?", He queried while stating "They (BJP) think they know everything. In Parliament, their answer is -You will not understand and when the truth comes out, they get angry. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said BJP will privatize schools and education, change Goa by eradicating corruption and giving jobs to 50,000 youths, but that if they don't pass 10th standard, then they are not youths and will not get 'Rozgar'. I say the only 10th-passed youth will comprise of all their (BJP) people who will get all the benefits."

"There are 50 families in India and the BJP Government is working fully for them, while ignoring the country's poor and downtrodden. Our Sarkar is for the weak and with you'll (Goans) standing like rocks for our party, our doors will be always be open for Goans," he said while urging the people to fight for Goa's development and exposing the BJP's lies."

"The Congress Goa Government will comprise of everybody – and not operate through a single remote control. Corruption issues keep coming up and the Congress will not compromise in this regard. Out new government will see 60% fresh faces and youth like a clean sheet, besides more focus on 'Rozgar'. Modi promised 15 lakh jobs and corruption-free government but has failed to do so."
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