Unipolar democracy

2 Dec 2020 8:39 AM GMT
The need to reform and rebrand India’s political opposition is urgent

Restoring order

29 Oct 2020 5:15 PM GMT
Recent actions of the judiciary in curbing rogue elements of the media come as a welcome sign of the possible restoration of impartial and...

Acting blind

16 Oct 2020 5:23 PM GMT
Recent accusations levelled at the Bengal Government by its Governor seem to be based on wilful ignorance in regards to the state of institutional...

Dented credibility

2 Oct 2020 4:46 PM GMT
Government efforts to assuage distraught farmers regarding the benefits of the new farm bills have largely fallen on deaf ears due to the existing...

Hard times

25 Sep 2020 5:09 PM GMT
Already unsteady before the pandemic, the Indian economy is now threatening to buckle under the added stress, necessitating the Government to take...

Restoring faith

11 Sep 2020 4:11 PM GMT
At a time when judicial integrity and independence is being questioned in India, it is up to the SC to course correct and protect the idea of...

Fruitless hops

5 Sep 2020 1:19 PM GMT
Indian sides’ attempts to portray a close relationship — while eschewing the principles of non alignment with — the Trump administration may not pay...

Promises to keep

21 Aug 2020 4:58 PM GMT
Resignation of the Lebanese Government on grounds of non-fulfilment of election promises is in sharp contrast to the Indian scenario

Media melodrama

7 Aug 2020 4:17 PM GMT
Creating hype over trivial stories and obscuring the problematic ones has become a standard practice for large sections of India's news media

Crime and punishment

24 July 2020 5:36 PM GMT
The criminal justice system in India is in need of drastic reforms, from head to toe

Obnoxious nepotism

10 July 2020 5:20 PM GMT
The death of Sushant Singh Rajput has brought forth debates and discussions over the widespread prevalence of nepotism across all spheres of life in...

Captive regulators

26 Jun 2020 4:34 PM GMT
The increasingly troubling instances of our Apex Court folding to the pressure put upon it by the executive branch of the Indian Government mark an...
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