Land scam worth Rs 300 crore in Allahabad Cantt

A former resident has made such an allegation about a property at 2&3 Cassels Road, Shambhoo Estate, Allahabad. Asha Rani Jaisawal, who now lives in Faridabad, Haryana, claims that a former neighbour of hers and a relative have jointly usurped this land with active involvement of the defence estate officials.

In a letter to the defence minister A K Antony, Asha Rani has detailed how the land adjacent to the leased property of 2&3 Cassels Road has been taken over by the accused, Rashmi Jiasawal and her family members, including Utkrisht Jaisawal, Upma Jaisawal, Sunita Jaisawal, Mishri Lal Jaisawal, Ankit Jaisawal, Ajit Jaisawal and others.

A former senior official of the defence estates directorate of the ministry of defence, who has examined the papers made available to this correspondent, has raised a series of questions about whether the original lessee was the late Kamala Kumari Jaisawal, who died in February 1996.

The original lease deed was created in 1933 for Shambhoo Jain, the lessee, who, Asha Rani’s son, Anurag Jaisawal, a resident of Mumbai, described to be a person known to the late Kamala Kumari Jiasawal and her husband, Mishri Lal Jaisawal, who then took over the land for themselves.

A questionnaire sent to the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Allahabad Cantonment Board, PNB Sarma, who is the defence estate officer (DEO), went unanswered. In a conversation with this correspondent, Sarma had advised that the Directorate General of Defence Estates (DGDE) also be sent the questionnaire.

But even after a fortnight having passed since the questionnaire was mailed to the DGDE, the department has not responded.

The question that remains is this: in the light of circumstances leading to the renewal of the lease deed by defence estate officials in 1995, what was the purpose of the original 1933 lease deed.
It is also important to establish whether the mutation of the whole land has been conducted by the DEO in the name of Rashmi Jaisawal on the basis of a ‘will’ signed by Kamala Kumari Jaisawal, who was in her deathbed on 2 February 1996. Asha Rani has challenged that will and claimed it to be a forged document.
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