Up for grabs

1 March 2020 3:03 PM GMT
Small but noteable changes are expected for the power balance in the Upper House when 55 Rajya Sabha seats will be contested next month

On unsure footing

8 Dec 2019 4:48 PM GMT
Replicating the Lok Sabha success might prove difficult for BJP in Jharkhand elections

Bittersweet victory

28 Oct 2019 3:25 PM GMT
Irrespective of the final outcome, voter sentiment in the recent Assembly elections highlight BJP’s compounding plight due to a pervasive slowdown

Eliminating poverty

20 Oct 2019 2:49 PM GMT
Abhijit Banerjee, who has become the second Indian after Amartya Sen to win the Nobel Prize for Economics is a pioneer in the field of poverty...

Proceeding with caution

25 Aug 2019 2:29 PM GMT
India must amicably resolve the Kashmir conundrum and not let its focus on the region’s development delegitimise Kashmiris

Taller than BJP

26 May 2019 5:01 PM GMT
Resounding appeal for a strong leader is reflected in the general mandate of 2019

Delivering the promise

16 Dec 2018 3:48 PM GMT
Congress must now live up to its bold electoral commitment of waiving farm loans and uplifting agricultural crisis

1975 : Era of a flawed democrat

1 July 2018 4:40 PM GMT
Is Emergency the only measure of Indira Gandhi?

Arithmetic for 2019 polls

15 April 2018 3:56 PM GMT
Federal front may bring back coalition days.

Dismantling statues is cultural anarchy

11 March 2018 4:07 PM GMT
Two recent developments of national significance shed light on the changing dynamics of regional politics.

All eyes on Northeast

18 Feb 2018 5:07 PM GMT
Tripura, Meghalaya, and Nagaland brace for high-stakes polls.

Balancing multiple elections

5 Feb 2018 2:00 PM GMT
As Lok Sabha and assembly elections have diverse federal rhythms, simultaneous elections may not be feasible
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