In national interest

16 Feb 2021 4:29 PM GMT
Being citizens of a democratic republic we have fundamental duties to criticise and warn the errors and pitfalls of governance that can jeopardise...

Unfulfilled potential

9 Feb 2021 4:54 PM GMT
India can become the ‘Pharmacy of the World’ if the pharma sector’s potential can be utilised through a shift in policy decisions and big investment

Decisive action

21 Jan 2021 4:46 PM GMT
India’s inoculation drive needs a new framework to address vaccine hesitancy

Necessary introspection

19 Jan 2021 2:54 PM GMT
India must rework its trade policies to avoid being a simple dumping ground for foreign goods as opposed to a preferred destination for foreign...

Work in progress

6 Jan 2021 5:03 PM GMT
In India’s vaccine drive against COVID-19, there lie many inherent difficulties — particularly in terms of mobilisation and logistics

A grim picture

17 Dec 2020 5:08 PM GMT
A significant issue even before the pandemic — hunger and malnutrition are now set to become more rampant in India, necessitating the Government to...

Wake-up call

10 Dec 2020 4:57 PM GMT
India’s Covid response has exposed gaps in the nation’s public health infrastructure and its capability to effectively deal with biothreats to its...

Slipping through the cracks

3 Dec 2020 4:41 PM GMT
The ongoing pandemic has highlighted the shortcomings of the Digital India Initiative, adversely impacting equitable access to education for Indian...

The hunger conundrum

20 Oct 2020 4:49 PM GMT
The latest edition of the Global Hunger Index has exposed significant gaps in India’s efforts to eliminate hunger — efforts that are already being...

The 'new' face of nationalism

10 May 2020 5:43 PM GMT
Government decision of increasing excise duty on petrol and diesel in India at a time when global prices are falling points to a troubling pattern of...

Urgent course corrections

13 March 2020 3:10 PM GMT
Governments at State and Central levels need to increase health expenditure and spending on economy, both of which have been adversely impacted by...

Bleak prospects

5 March 2020 3:07 PM GMT
The economic downslide caused by COVID-19 is set to hit India harder than China unless competent authorities take appropriate steps
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