India seek solace in Centurion

11 Dec 2013 1:26 AM GMT
It will be redemption time for Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s men at the Super Sport Park after two embarrassing losses in the first two matches which also...

The ‘God’ particle

24 July 2012 2:33 AM GMT
The possible discovery of the Higgs boson has been a big news recently. But what difference does it make to your life? And why is it called the ‘God...

Still craving for approval

30 Jun 2012 2:41 AM GMT
My earlier piece explained that to make math easy we first need swaraj in education, to allow non-Western knowledge into the system. Macaulay is...

Easy math from Ancient India

5 Jun 2012 3:20 AM GMT
Millions of people drop mathematics in school because they find it difficult. They hence regard themselves as inferior in some way. Is there any hope...

National Year of Mathematics

19 May 2012 3:28 AM GMT
The PM has declared 2012 as the National Year of Mathematics. The terrible irony in this ought to be widely known.First, we need some history....
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