Spare the tinderbox!

27 March 2023 11:52 AM GMT
Resurfacing of militancy in Punjab calls for a retrospective glance on history which indicates that solution lies in an inclusive approach, and not in...

Undoing an ugly optics

2 March 2023 12:54 PM GMT
Amid the optics of independent institutions buckling under political pressure, governors must stand firm in their individual capacity to retain the...

No name calling!

7 Nov 2022 1:38 PM GMT
Both New Delhi and Beijing avoid calling out each other explicitly on public fora but their reasons to do so are entirely different

Conveniently forgotten reinstatement

25 Aug 2022 5:58 PM GMT
Existence of powerful pro-Israel and -Arab lobbies in the US, coupled with pandemic and war effects, blocks Biden Administration from reviving the...

Incorrigible authoritarian

14 April 2022 12:45 PM GMT
Emboldened by the ignorance of the Iran-obsessed US, Saudi ruler MBS has been unleashing massive mass extinctions and silencing even the milder...

Conciliator par excellence

31 March 2022 4:27 PM GMT
With the demise of Madeleine Albright — the diplomat who engineered Indo-US relations after the Pokhran tests — the world has lost one of its finest...

Unspeakable truth!

3 Feb 2022 3:02 PM GMT
Resignation of a German officer for speaking in favor of ‘rival’ Russians indicates a sense of disunity within NATO and also the tendency to hide it

Voyeurism or necessity?

23 Dec 2021 3:11 PM GMT
While misleading forces will continue to propagate factitious information to suit their interests, media should abstain from being tempted into...

Vindictive sentiments

16 Sep 2021 2:38 PM GMT
The revenge instinct underlying the wounded Afghan-Pak realm reminds of Lord Mayo's assassination at the hands of a Pashtun — Sher Ali Afridi

Cheers to humanity

25 July 2021 12:25 PM GMT
The core values of the Olympics are emboldened with the fielding of EOR — providing identity to millions of stateless refugees

Wake-up call

20 July 2021 1:48 PM GMT
India needs to race ahead not just in drone weapon and defense technology, but also in ensuring a foolproof policy framework of regulation

Reap what you sow

24 Jun 2021 12:07 PM GMT
Pakistan lives in horror with the pull-back of US troops as the Taliban-run Afghanistan will be contrary to its interests
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