After DGMOs meet, Indo-Pak peace dialogue to get boost

Sources here in New Delhi say, there was a degree of acrimony in the dialogue between the two sides, with both Lt Gen Vinod Bhatia and Maj Gen Aamer Riaz expressing their national positions quite forthrightly.

Sources added the Pakistan side wanted to reflect essentially three scenarios in the conversation. The first was the recent change of personnel in Pak army with a new chief of army staff (COAS), General Raheel Sharif, superseding three officers of some repute, thus underlining the political leaderships’ autonomy, though much shrunk. This was exhibited essentially to send a message to their Indian counterparts – present and the future – that Nawaz Sharif was a man they could do business with.

Secondly, the Pak army under its new chief, wanted to show the Indian side that that the latter’s record of seeing the enemies of Pakistan residing more within than without is alive and well, thus allowing another window of opportunity for India to look for a ‘composite dialogue’ process.

Thirdly, the prospect of the Afghan deadline for the NATO withdrawal fast approaching, the Pakistan forces are unsure whether they can actually help the Taliban reclaim some significant parts of the country like Kandahar. The doubt has grown in the process the Afghan National Army (ANA) fought the recent battles reflecting their preparedness levels.

Hence, for the first time, the Pakistan army are showing some flexibility to India by keeping the peace prospect (in their terms, it means keeping the jihadis in check) alive, thus trying not to have the threat on its western border exacerbate, for as long as they can.
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