An essential boost

16 Nov 2023 12:01 PM GMT
As the World Fisheries Day approaches, there is a pressing need to strengthen cold chain logistics and market access to bolster the fisheries...

Nutrition at the core

4 May 2023 12:28 PM GMT
India’s G20 Presidency offers a golden opportunity to boost nutrition-sensitive policies in agriculture towards ensuring access to nutritional...

Strengthening agri-value chains

10 Feb 2023 12:21 PM GMT
India’s G20 presidency can be leveraged to promote public-private partnerships for strengthening agri-value chains that would facilitate cross-border...

A pertinent realignment

20 Sep 2022 4:56 AM GMT
Amid changing geographical niches and cropping patterns, India needs to realign the traditional farming practices of small and marginal farmers with...

Pathway to sustainability

3 Aug 2022 1:13 PM GMT
Though agriculture is a key contributor to climate change, it can also be leveraged as a part of solution if resilient agricultural practices are...

Augmenting beekeeping

19 May 2022 4:20 PM GMT
Development of clusters is being planned to fill the gaps in beekeeping and honey production through FPOs, which will eventually increase farmers’...

Potential for augmentation

13 March 2022 2:26 PM GMT
Pandemic-driven adoption of technological innovation in agriculture can be scaled countrywide with required funding and involvement of FPOs and local...

A wider framework

21 Jan 2022 3:20 PM GMT
India's agricultural extension can be broadened through incorporation of private players to achieve last-mile information dissemination
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