Z-plus security cover for CM-designate Kejriwal

Under the Z-plus category, the protected gets as many as 36 security personnel protecting him/her round-the-clock. “The security cover will come into effect as soon as Kejriwal takes over as the leader of the legislative party. As per protocol, Delhi Chief Minister enjoys Z category cover for being subject to regular threats and the number of men on duty could go up, depending on situations,” said a highly-placed source within the police.

Earlier, after becoming the CM in December 2013, Kejriwal had rejected the Z-category security cover offered by the Delhi Police. In January 2014, the Uttar Pradesh government had further announced a Z-plus security cover for him, which he had refused yet again. “However, after a threat received on January 19, 2014, around 22 Delhi Police personnel were deployed for his security,” said a source.

Kejriwal, who lives in Ghaziabad, is currently protected by 12 police personnel, including an escort vehicle of the UP Police. AAP has won 67 seats in the 70-member Delhi assembly polls. Kejriwal has said that he will take oath on Saturday as the Chief Minister.
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