Yuvraj’s tell tales on TV

Yuvraj Singh has recently garnered a lot of support after a successful battle with cancer. And now he is all set to narrate stories of courage of people who have survived natural calamities in the television show The Unbreakables.

‘I have tremendous respect for people with a profound positive attitude who face dire situations head-on and emerge stronger from them. The Unbreakables is a series that recounts formidable incidents, while outlining sheer strength that people exude when the going gets tough,’ said Yuvi.

The show will premiere on 24 December and will speak of people who have emerged victorious after landing in ill-fated circumstances.

From being captured and held hostage by guerrilla groups while on an adventure tour, to being forced to smuggle cocaine at gunpoint — the series showcases testing times and how a fighting spirit makes ordinary people do extraordinary things.

Hope Yuvi manages to help some.
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