You cheated. Period.

My cousin sister lived with us at the time of my pregnancy. My baby is six months old and I have discovered that my husband is having an affair with her! I feel broken, what should I do?
Meher, Nasik
Is this your suspicion or are you sure? Did you confront with either of them already? I am really sorry reading about this. But it is found that physical relationship during partner’s pregnancy is a very common thing. Unfortunate but true, men surely have this tendency. This is a global problem! Firstly, please don’t hurt yourself any further and don’t cry. You have the biggest responsibility of the new born, take due care of the baby and of yourself. For the time being, relocate and live with your parents/relatives. Let your husband understand his fault and responsibility. If things go good, it’s fine. If not, seek legal help and sort life out. Nothing is permanent and this phase will go.

My husband runs his own business and hardly spends time with us! I feel our relationship is suffering a lot because of his negligence. How can we fight less, is there any remedy?

Devika, New Delhi

Fighting per se is not necessarily a problem. If there is basic mutual respect, the ability for partners to cool down and soothe each other afterward, and lots of good stuff in the “emotional bank account”, the tendency to fight is more a result of personality style than trouble in the relationship.  We should have enough good feelings that have been deposited by each partner in one another’s account. It is the ratio of negative interactions and positive interactions that is more of a predictor of a satisfying relationship than the number of arguments.  Some couples like to handle problems directly, and if each of the two people are this way, then they may resolve their problems more quickly and with less bitterness if they approach them head on. So it is always better to have a fight and sort out rather than bottling things up! Love more and I’m sure, you will fight less. Good Luck!

I’m 5.2 inches feet tall. My friends always tease me and call me ‘shorty’! I don’t know what to do!
Rakesh Taneja, Jodhpur
Oh dear! There’s no need to feel insecure and upset. If you put on a big smile and ignore the teasing, it’ll eventually stop. Don’t let it affect you at all! Short people are cute and adorable. Hold your head high and be a sweet person. Everybody out there has something they don’t like about themselves. We are loved and remembered by how we are not by how we look. So just enjoy the joyride called life. Short is hot…remember and punch their faces with your big smile each time someone tries to bully you! Take care!

I broke up with my boyfriend and now I want him back, but he seems to be happy without me!

Praachi, Agra
This is a lesson, this is an opportunity for you to grow up and act like a mature woman! If you can’t do that then you are not old enough to be in a relationship with any man. Break ups and heartaches are a part of life. Don’t get affected and please don’t be upset because he is happy without you!! Everyone has the right to happiness and may be, life without you is his choice. Act like a good soul and move on with a positive frame of mind. Nothing stops without anything or anyone. Your break up must have been a mutual decision and you should not sit and brood over the past. If he is meant to come back, he will. If not, God has better plans.

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