World’s oldest family in K’taka stakes Guinness records claim

68-year-old Ramakrishna Manja, who is the eighth among the siblings, said today he has approached the Guinness authorities on 12 February with their claim. The Guinness authorities responded the next day and have asked Ramakrishna to give proof of date of birth of the family members--eight brothers and five sisters. The Manja family, which was brought up at Kargal Colony near the famous Jog Falls in Shimoga District, has also been asked to send two photographs one--of all 13 siblings--and other is of the entire family. Ramakrishna said, ‘When I totalled it was 880 plus more than that of the London family, that is when I filed an application staking our claim.’ ‘In fact our eldest sister aged about 73 years died a couple of years back; otherwise the combined age would have come to over 950 years,’ he said. The age of the siblings currently ranged from 56 years to 79 years.
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