Ukraine's President hopes for dialogue with Russia amid tensions along country's border

Ukraines President hopes for dialogue with   Russia amid tensions along countrys border

Kyiv (Ukraine): Ukraine's President said Friday that more opportunities for talks with Russia may arise thanks to the US diplomatic effort to help de-escalate tensions after Moscow massed troops near Ukraine's border, stoking fears of a possible invasion.

US President Joe Biden spoke with both Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin this week, as the United States moved to take a more direct role in diplomacy between Kyiv and Moscow.

The US president proposed joining the Europeans in negotiations not just to settle the conflict in eastern Ukraine but to address Putin's larger strategic objections to NATO expanding its membership


In an interview aired Friday by the Ukrainian TV channel 1+1, Zelensky said that thanks to the US, one more platform for talks with Russia may appear, in addition to the so-called Normandy format that involves France and Germany.

The two European countries in 2015 brokered a peace agreement that helped end large-scale hostilities in Ukraine's east, where Ukrainian forces have been fighting with Russia-backed separatists since 2014.

But efforts to reach a political settlement of the conflict that has since killed more than 14,000 people have failed, and sporadic skirmishes have continued along the tense line of contact. Zelensky said Friday that with the support of the US and Ukraine's European allies, he doesn't rule out direct talks between him and Putin -- something he has proposed to the Russian leader several times to no avail.

I see the support for this path from both our European partners and the US, Zelensky said. Tensions between Moscow, Kyiv and its Western allies have worsened in recent weeks over the invasion fears.

Russian officials have repeatedly denied plans to attack Ukraine, and in turn, blamed Kyiv for its own allegedly aggressive designs. Putin has urged the West to provide guarantees that would preclude NATO from expanding to Ukraine or deploying troops and weapons there.

Zelensky said Friday that the message he got from Biden during Thursday's call was the Russia assured the US and the whole world that it doesn't intend to continue the escalation against the territory of our

independent state.

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