UK holidaymakers could face £5K fine under new Covid law

London: A ban on non-compulsory overseas travel is to be extended until the end of June under reviewed Coronavirus legislation tabled in the UK Parliament this week, with breaches likely to face fines of up to 5,000 pound.

As Britain marked the one-year mark of its first stay-at-home lockdown on Tuesday, details emerged of new laws to control the spread of infections to be voted on


Although the new laws won't expire until June 30, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock has suggested foreign holidays could be allowed before that date.

"The questions of whether people will be able to travel abroad this summer are going to be addressed by the Global Travel Taskforce, which is reporting around April 12," Hancock told Sky News'.

"The roadmap sets out the earliest date by which we will allow for international travel without one of the clear reasons you need now is

May 17. That has not changed, he said.

The way we're putting that into law is as part of these roadmap regulations that will be voted on Thursday.

They come to an end as a whole at the end of June. But that doesn't change the timings for these questions on international travel," he


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