'Pak Army disputes PM Imran, says no evidence suggesting US involvement in regime change'

Islamabad: Pakistan's powerful Army has contradicted Prime Minister Imran Khan's remarks accusing America of hatching a conspiracy to topple his government, saying there was no evidence of interference in the country's internal matters, according to a media report.

Prime Minister Khan had chaired a meeting of the National Security Committee (NSC) on March 27 to discuss the issue of a threatening letter to remove his government.

A statement issued after the meeting expressed concern over the non-diplomatic language used in the cable, saying it was tantamount to interference in the internal matters of Pakistan.

The NSC then decided to issue a demarche to the United States.

Khan pedalled the narrative that Army top leaders endorsed the letter and its threatening context was genuine.

Later, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Qasim Suri used the statement to block a vote on the no-trust move in a development that triggered a constitutional crisis.

However, official sources told The Express Tribune newspaper on Monday that a wrong impression was given about the military leadership endorsing the view of the government.

One source said the prime minister could make public minutes of the meeting because the NSC statement was only meant for the media.

"Are there any minutes of the NSC meeting? Have all the participants signed on the minutes of the meeting, the source asked. He said that the minutes of the meeting are considered official documents only when all the participants of NSC sign. This suggests that the military leadership had not signed on the minutes of the meeting.

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