Over 22L Hindus in Pak: National database report

Peshawar: Pakistan is home to 22,10,566 people from the minority Hindu community, comprising only 1.18 cent of the country's total registered population of 18,68,90,601, according to a report by the Centre for Peace and Justice Pakistan.

The report, based on data collected from National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), says that minorities constituted less than five per cent of the total population of Pakistan, with Hindus being the largest minority community.

According to NADRA data till March, the total number of registered people stood at 18,68,90,601 of whom 18,25,92,000 are Muslims.

The report that collected data on the basis of minorities that have obtained Computerised National Identity Cards (CNIC) from NADRA confirmed 17 identities of different faiths and religions, including 1,400 atheists. The registered Hindus figure 22,10,566, followed by Christians 18,73,348, Ahmedis 1,88,340, Sikhs 74,130, Bhais 14,537, and as many as 3,917 Parsis, said the report, based on three national population censuses held in Pakistan.

There are 11 other minorities in Pakistan, accounting less than 2,000, who have been issued CNICs by the NADRA.

The Buddhists are 1,787, Chinese 1,151, Shintoism followers are 628, Jews 628, African religions followers are 1,418, Kelasha religion followers 1,522, and about six followers of Jainism.

From Ahmadis to Christians to Hindus, minorities in Pakistan face consistent harassment, with less than two per cent Hindus -- 95 per cent of them living in the southern province of Sindh. Minorities, including Hindu population, in Pakistan are poor and have negligible representation in the legislative system of the country.

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