OIC meet acknowledges deteriorating humanitarian situation in Afghanistan

Calls for measures to help

OIC meet acknowledges deteriorating humanitarian situation in Afghanistan

Islamabad: Representatives of Muslim nations at a special meeting here on Sunday acknowledged the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and called for measures to tackle it.

The 17th Extraordinary Session of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) called at the proposal of Saudi Arabia is being hosted by Pakistan with the objective to bring to the notice of the world the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.

Official sources said that about 70 delegates of countries and international organisations, including the UN, are participating in the day-long conference. They include about 20 foreign ministers and 10 deputy ministers.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, in his keynote address, asked the US to de-link its policy towards the Taliban from the 40 million people of Afghanistan, while asking for action to help the Afghan people.

If the world doesn't act, this will be the biggest man-made crisis which is unfolding in front of us, he said.

He warned that Afghanistan would end up in chaos if immediate action was not taken. The chaos means the end of the government which would strengthen the ISIS, enabling it to carry out acts of global terrorism, the prime minister said.

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