NK test-fired missile from submarine

Seoul: North Korea flight-tested a ballistic missile that was likely fired from a submarine on Saturday, South

Korea's military said, continuing a provocative streak in weapons demonstrations that may culminate with a nuclear test in the coming weeks or months.

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said the launch occurred from waters near the eastern port city of Sinpo, where North Korea has a major shipyard building submarines. It said the short-range missile flew 600 kilometers (372 miles) at a maximum altitude of 60 kilometers (37 miles) but it didn't immediately provide details about the submarine that would have been involved in the launch.

South Korean and US intelligence officials were analysing the launch, the military said, describing it as a clear violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions and a serious threatening act that harms international peace and stability.

Japanese PM Fumio Kishida in response to the missile firing ordered officials to prepare for all unforeseeable situations and secure the safety of aircraft and ships. There were no immediate reports of damage. South Korea's national security director Suh Hoon and other senior officials during an emergency National Security Council meeting denounced the launch.

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