Nepal government warns citizens against any action that may hurt friendly countries

Kathmandu: The Nepal government on Sunday warned its citizens against carrying out any "reprehensible and disgraceful" actions that may hurt the dignity of the friendly nations after some people burnt effigies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during protests in the country.

In a statement, Nepal's Home Ministry said that in the past few days, "the activities of chanting slogans, holding demonstrations and protest and burning effigies to tarnish the image of the neighbouring friendly nation's Prime Minister has caught" its


The home ministry statement, however, did not identify the leader. But it expressed objection towards such "reprehensible and disgraceful" actions.

The strong statement came after some students and youth organisations belonging to both the ruling alliance and the Opposition burnt effigies of Prime Minister Modi during protests over the death of a Nepalese youth when he was crossing the Mahakali river near the border with India in July.

"The Government of Nepal wishes to have a friendly relationship with all friendly nations and is determined not to let any activities that may harm the national interest. We request everyone not to carry out any action that may hurt the dignity and respect of the friendly nations," the statement said.

Nepal has a long tradition of solving the dispute with the neighbouring nation through diplomatic channels and mutual dialogue, the statement said.

"In future as well, diplomatic initiative and mutual discourse will be utilised while solving any dispute," it said.

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